Sunday, October 2, 2016

My road to home based work

It's been a while since I had my first ever blog creation. I can't recall how long was it then but it's exciting to start anew :) As you can see, the overview of this blog will revolve around home based works. It's pretty much a "baby blog" because I am in thorough research towards starting a career that is exclusively in the comforts of our home. 

So what got me interested to further know more about home based jobs? I was extensively browsing through the internet because there was a time that I got disgruntled due to the horrendous traffic that I face every single day! It has been consuming much of my time and can you just imagine how much time was lost? I should have spent it already to my loved ones or even something that I can be productive of. 

I found out about Manila Workshop's seminar regarding "How to Earn from home as a Virtual Assistant or Blogger 101" and I quickly checked all the details to see the content of the workshop and who the speakers were. I immediately contacted the event coordinator and deposited the amount to have a sure slot. It was held at the Ortigas Foundation library last August 27, 2016, Saturday & started around 9AM. You can see the pictures down below :) Disclaimer: Wearing a red top in the center is moi :) 

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So, you may be wondering why I decided to join the seminar? Aside from working from home, what struck me the most is the flexibility of time. It means that I can decide how much I can spend on a certain work or project and in which day should I start and finish it unless there's a specific deadline the client has provided. Don't quote me on this but it doesn't necessarily mean that if we work at the comforts of our home, it's the same "feeling" that we do normally  - prolonged sleep, endless watching of TV series, household chores & all. You've got it all wrong. I got this one from and some freelancers that I know that you have to have time allotted without disruptions because home based work must be treated still with professionalism. Professionalism, in the sense, that you isolate yourself that may prevent you from any distractions that may affect your work. You still need to focus as clients are expecting much from you when you decided to take the work. Treat it as if you are also an employee of a certain company or corporation that follows certain rules and regulations.

As they say, when you get used to have a fixed income, transitioning to a freelancer or a virtual assistant is all about taking RISK. I get to say this because you won't be receiving the same benefits, bonuses and incentives as you do from your previous employers. I haven't left my employer yet. I do love my full time job still but I'm looking for something that I know I can still earn yet I'm not losing so much time. For me, everything will start from scratch, from creating your portfolio, marketing your skills and knowledge and searching for the right job to acing the interview and providing the best results to the client for repeat business. Sounds easy but through sheer hard work and patience, I firmly believe that I can get the jobs that I want provided with proper guidance and faith in myself.

I was fortunate enough to have met Ms. Jane Maghanoy, a once frustrated employee who braved the insane traffic everyday from her home in Cavite to Ortigas and now has inspired many of us, including myself, because she took the risk of becoming a full time virtual assistant, leaving her full time work. I won't really dwell too much anymore on what she has shared to us throughout her life as a freelancer but what I loved about her was that she never stops to tell us that in order to be successful in this career, you must have FAITH & GOAL to succeed. Without these, you won't achieve what you want to have and become of. I firmly believe on those words that she said that's why I took up the internet marketing coaching program that she has offered for us for free. :) That made me prompted to join the program as my sole purpose is to become a successful virtual assistant by having equipped with the right skills, knowledge and of course attitude.

I'm still in the progress of completing the coaching program and I must say, this is something that I keep track of in my list. I'm looking forward on equipping myself more with the right skills as I can exhibit these with my future clients to deliver the best results that I can do. I think this is much as I can say for now. Furthermore, I will be updating more of this soon!

'Til next time folks!

Cla :)